Core Discipline-Development of Single Tenant Buildings:

Management Team:

GROBMAR Investments, LLC was formed in 2005 by Kenneth Marino. GROBMAR Real Estate Investments, LLC has over 30 years of real estate experience in management, development, acquisitions, and ownership. Using the “team approach” the joint venture principals of GROBMAR Real Estate Investments, LLC have helped facilitate the development and acquisition of over 5,000,000 square feet of retail properties. Mr. Marino is involved in multiple joint venture relationships - with strategic partners that have combined development experience of over 25 million square feet of property- Nearly $2.0 Billion Dollars of Investment. This is a main advantage of the team - it’s a seasoned group of development professionals. Many of single tenant development deals throughout the United States are done by those newer to the business - our team mitigates significant mistakes and protects margins and is an extremely dependable manufacturer of deals.

Market Overview and Opportunity:

The principals of GROBMAR Investments, LLC believe that there is currently a unique opportunity for well capitalized buyers to purchase pad ready retail outlot ready sites for single tenant development throughout the United States - developing rollouts for national tenants that do not compete with Amazon. The new retail model - not the old retail model!

Investment Size:

2 to 5-million-dollar deal size per deal; 5,000 to 10,000 square foot buildings - most often on 1-1.5 acre sites occurring in packages of 10-20 deals.

Areas of Focus / Location:

Top 20 major metropolitan areas and money centers with MSA population of 500,000 people or greater with the dominant market position. Focused areas where houses are being built and where states are running correctly with balanced budgets. Better located outlots in the business hub of the market located near the dominant mall or the dominant Super-Walmart.

Economic Overview:

Within this fund GROBMAR Real Estate Investments, LLC will handle the entire development process and will then work with a national team of general contractors, architects and engineers. Changes and improvements in technology that create new ways to construct buildings are in the forefront. GROBMAR Real Estate Investments, LLC strives to remain current supporting formats similar to that of a manufacturing process - many of the building projects are panelized in factories and brought directly to the job site.

Total Capital Commitment:

Up to $50,000,000 traunches of capital to fund packages of 10-15 Single Tenant Developments per package in specific markets throughout the United States.

Investment Strategy / Hold Time/Exit Strategy:

Build and flip or hold - depending on market conditions. The single tenant deal timing averages a 1-1.5 year hold period. Using a conservative loan of 75% - GROBMAR Real Estate Investments, LLC has a history of returns based on hold time as described above between 25-30%.

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