Providing Development Solutions to Owners, Investors, Lenders, and Retailers

Grobmar Real Estate Investments, LLC acts as the developer for a commercial real estate project on behalf of our client. The client turns over the actual development responsibility to Grobmar Real Estate Investments, LLC. In this role, we do all that is ncessary to execute the development plan outlined in the Feasibility Study to create value for our client. We form a customized team of professionals who possess many of the following skill sets and core competencies:

Accountants Financial Analysts Attorneys
Engineers Construction Managers Sales and Marketing
Property Managers Architects Asset Managers
Appraisers Lease Planners

The development team is involved in all aspects of the process. While it is not always possible to involve or use the whole development team with every aspect of the development, each member of the development team has major input to the process. The activities performed include:

  • Scope of the project
  • Development budget, operating proforma and capital structure
  • Identify prospective tenant's programs and needs
  • Establish preliminary design criteria
  • Begin preliminary design of site and base building
  • Identify all municipal approvals
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Interview, make recommendations, negotiate and engage prospective project consultants
  • Hold weekly project meetings with consultants and tenant representatives
  • Establish final development timeline
  • Assist in obtaining all required approvals, entitlements and permits with municipality
  • Budget control
  • Attend all project and subcontractor meetings
  • Monitor bank draws and lien releases
  • Review all change orders
  • Work with tenant in coordinating tenant work with base building
  • Review and approve final punch list and construction close-out
  • Secure completion of final certificate of occupancy.

As part of the Fee Development Services, we provide progress reports with a schedule and product photographs.